Feeling Stuck?

Don’t focus on where you are and how you got there… It is better to focus on where you want to go and how to get there!

We seem to be well versed on all our foibles, warts, and scars along with how they got there and why nothing seems to help change their reality.  We also seem to proclaim our competency on what we do not want or do not want to happen to us.  Wherever that is, we can be adamant that we never want it to happen even though we may feel extremely helpless to assure that it doesn’t. 

Clinical terminology is becoming common language.  Being depressed or anxious are regular complaints along with Chicken Little’s outlook on life.  I listen to people whose desire is to be ”fixed” as if I had a magic wand or special recipe or an all-inclusive process that makes everything better and as it should be.  Seldom do I hear about a dream, an idea, or an aim for which a client is focused on, or even an inkling of how to get there.  It is more common that whatever is happening now – they want changed, but they have no firm concept of what that change is or how that change will affect them in the long-run.

Our personal histories have solidified.  When tomorrow comes, yesterday is passed.  Though we may sort through the destruction or romp down Memory Lane, yesterday is still over.  I encourage taking time to explore one’s past.  I believe examination of our experiences, consequences and outcomes – in context of a timeline – can bring about revelation and understanding that could easily use remain concealed, secret or unknown.  Our historical story has information which patiently waits to be looked at, but not necessarily for the purposes of being rehashed, revised or relived.  In the excavation of our memories, it is possible to discover and uncover values for determination of understanding, resolution and reconciliation.

But then what?  I do not believe the aim of life is only in gathering information.  Have you ever noticed themes in living?  I have.  Maybe this happens as my awareness is heightened and illuminated by what I am doing.  “Billboards of Life” project themes.  Topics run through my email as well as social media, the news and friendly conversations.  Themes can be gathered which enhance the day or encourage disillusionment.  What I pick to follow, to watch, and to allow to take up moments of my day can be an indicator of the path I am on.  Review of the themes as a whole, rather than individually can reveal the direction I am taking.  Over time this direction will highlight portions of my journey.

Are you where you want to be?

Do you know where you got sidetracked whether it was unexpected or not?

Is where you want to go still in sight or have circumstances changed and therefore so has your direction?

What “billboards” have you noticed?

Are there any themes that have been “backlit”, so consequently you remember them?

Timing is precious.  It is not ours to control, yet we too often ignore where we are headed because we are too focused on what has happened before and how we got here.  Let us start today seeking what we want now.  Let’s bring forward from the past only the information that will enhance, motivate and propel us where we you want to go.  Let’s explore options as opportunities of how we are going to get there.

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.”  Erma Bombeck