Life Coach


Throughout life, there are times when an individual may need extra help. When someone needs help, they have different options available to them, such as a life coach or a therapist. It’s important for them to understand the differences and to make sure they make the right choice. Choosing the right professional to work with will enable them to get all of the help they need through a personalized treatment plan. Those who need guidance in their life can get the help they need through personalized assistance at Sunset Community Counseling.


Life coaches are there to help those who need to work on their current life or the future. They can help clarify personal and professional goals, help their client work on communication in all aspects of their life, help them achieve a better balance between work and home life, and help them with setting and reaching goals as they start a new business. A life coach helps someone set the right goals for them and learn how to take action to reach those goals. They can help their client in most areas of their life and can give them tools to help them get where they want to be. Life coaches can be beneficial in the short term or as long-term assistance, depending on what the client needs.


A therapist typically focuses on helping their client deal with the past. They may help the person explore what went wrong with prior business or personal relationships, help them work through mental health issues like depression, or help them if they’re trying to move on from a divorce or the loss of a loved one. The therapist is specially trained to look into the person’s past and help them as they learn to move forward in life. They focus on their client’s mental and emotional wellbeing so their client can recover from past issues and get to the point where they’re ready to move on.

Life Coach and Therapist


  • Therapists can diagnose mental illnesses so their clients can receive the necessary treatment and work on learning to deal with the mental illness or recovering from it.
  • Therapists tend to use the past to determine what is going on with their client, then work on figuring out why the client needs help and how to help them.
  • Life coaches, on the other hand, do not diagnose medical conditions and are more focused on the future than the past.
  • Life coaches are going to focus on the goals the client wants to set and how they can help their client reach those goals.

Life Coaches can review many different parts of their client’s life and will help the client with the goals they set for themselves, whether that’s a goal for being better at communication or for starting their own business.


  • Both therapists and life coaches are going to work to help their clients make positive changes in their life.
  • They both work with people who may be mentally healthy, but who may need help in some areas of their life.
  • They can both work in specific areas of the client’s life and the work they do can overlap, depending on what their client needs.

Therapists and life coaches strive to help all of their patients reach their full potential and offer the guidance that may be needed to help them get there. For this reason, both therapists and life coaches can be a great option for anyone who needs help with getting their life where they want it.


The decision on seeking help from a life coach or a therapist is one that should be taken carefully. It’s important for each person to think about what they need and the type of help they want to receive. If they believe they may have a mental illness or mental issues stemming from their past, it might be a good idea to speak with a therapist. If the person believes they need help with setting and reaching goals they have for their own life, a life coach would be the better option. Of course, it may not be necessary to choose between them either. Someone who wants both types of help for their life and their future might decide to work with a therapist on some issues and a life coach on others or start by seeing a therapist and move onto working with a life coach when they’re ready. This is an entirely personal decision that each person will need to make based on the help they’re looking for.



Sunset Community Counseling offers life coaching for their clients. Sandra L. Hammond has extensive experience in this area as well as other types of counseling and can use all of her knowledge to help her clients reach their own goals. She has degrees in various fields as well as licenses and certifications that show she can provide the help her clients are looking for. Anyone who wants to get help creating their own future can get the help they need at Sunset Community Counseling. No matter what types of goals they’re interested in working on, the services available from Sunset Community Counseling can help.

Life coaches and therapists do have some similarities, and their jobs do overlap in some ways, but they are still very different. If you’re not sure of what you want to do in the future or how to reach the goals you have for yourself, a life coach might be the right option. Contact Sunset Community Counseling today to learn more about life coaching and what they can do for you.