I am often asked to lend my name for various causes and reasons; I rarely do. However it is an honour and a heartfelt privilege to place my name and write a testimonial for Sandra Hammond and the truly wondrous Sunset Community Counselling Service. I have known Sandra and been privileged to be a small part of the support network as the Sunset Community Counselling Service first came into being and as it continues to grow. My aim is to visit in 2017 and work alongside of Sandra and her team- even if all I am able to do is make the cups of tea and coffee. What I know is that Sandra and her team are immensely capable and wondrous people who put the wellness and well being of their clients before anything else, their knowledge is second to none. God willing; I look forward to visiting in 2017.

– Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson
Work Injured Resource Connection inc
“Bags of Love” emergency food project
Bags of Love Op Shop
Craig’s Table

Sandra changed my life! When I met Sandra, I was going through one of the most difficult times of my life emotionally. Growing up in the foster care system with an addicted mother and absent father, I had prided myself on being the exact opposite of them. I was working, going to college at CU Denver, and was newly married to a wonderful man. And yet I still found myself struggling emotionally, although I couldn’t out my finger on why. I remember telling Sandra my first day that I figured with my past I needed counseling, but I didn’t know what I needed to work on, or where to start. I had seen a few counselors prior, mainly as a child and teen, and they never seemed right. We didn’t click, or I didn’t feel safe around them. For various reasons I had found myself in her office, and I know now that it was just at the right time. I remember calling my best friend after my second session with her and telling her that I was pretty sure God made her just for me. She was exactly what I didn’t know I needed, and yet it felt like she knew me from the inside out better than anyone ever has. What I LOVE about her, is she wanted me to be able to go through life without needing her for the rest of it, although I wasn’t so sure I could ever live without her. She let me lead my healing, at the pace that my brain was ready for. She gave me tools to cope, and an overall confidence in myself to allow me to do my own healing at home. I always thought that when you went to counseling, you were helped during the session. But with Sandra I felt like I did so much healing without her, but with her intermittent guidance when I got stuck. She was very much like a mother to me, teaching me to not need her anymore. I will FOREVER be grateful to her, and I know that should I ever need her again she will always be there. For now, we are friends, and I’m so thankful for that as well.

– Ashley K

Sandra has been very helpful to me so many times. She listens very intently and then accurately responds with her experience and training in such a way that leads me to believe she has a special gift to counsel and a heart to help the the hurting!

– Johne Grimsley

I had the pleasure of working with Sandra Hammond for over two years while she volunteered her time as a counselor at Carin’ Clinic. Sandra is kind and passionate about helping people. She listens and has a calming effect on people. Sandra helped many people at Carin’ Clinin.

– Margo Sobocinski, NP
Carin’ Clinic
Executive Director